Friday, July 24, 2009

English Legacy: Imitation Of Life (Chapter 23)

you want the greatest thing
the greatest thing since bread came sliced.
you've got it all, you've got it sized.
like a friday fashion show teenager
freezing in the corner
trying to look like you dont try

In Sunset Valley, there are many families that live and work, making better lives for themselves, as time passes. 345 Riverblossom Drive is no different in that respect. It is the home of the English Family, who in recent years, has become quite a notable part of the community.
The current head of the family, Alexander English, is a world-renowned fighter pilot and Top Gun, who can usually be found on the highway to the danger zone, some say. Despite his Military prominence, he stays as busy as he can in the lives of his family.
His extended family includes his two daughters, Elizabeth and Deanna, here shown with their cousin Danny English, who also lives in the family estate with his parents - esteemed Gene Splicer Latricia English, and his father Christopher English, a promising Flight Officer who is Alexander's subordinate, and younger brother.
Carrying in the English family tradition of service to Sim Nation, started by family Founder Brian English, is Alex's wife Shante, who is following in her late father-in-law's footsteps, by recently getting promoted to Sketch Artist, as she uses her Forensic skills to bring criminals to justice.

The only slightly worrisome factor is the family matriarch, Laurel English, widow of Brian... and currently reigning Mad Scientist after defeating the now-only-slightly-angry scientist, Dr. Iniquitous. She is still a very active grandmother despite her advanced age, reputed to be over 105.
According to family sources, she spends her day painting, gardening, and blasting household objects with ray guns.Other than that, the family lives a rather tranquil existence on their impressive tract of land.
Young Danny takes after his grandmother and enjoys painting, having expressed a Wish to be Master of the Arts. He can be often found at his easel, when he's not busy being a Whiz at the Computer, which sources tell us is a Trait that all blood members of the family seem to share.

The years of childhood seem to end before they really get started, some say, and it was just recently that the next generation of Englishes became teenagers.
Danny English, seen here after his transition gives up some of his father's facial features in favor of his mothers. He has been rumored to be engaging in extreme activities since his birthday, but this is unconfirmed. What is confirmed, is that he has no fashion sense.
Seen here as the joint birthday party raged on, is the "older" of Alexander's twin daughters, Deanna. It is not quite clear which of the three will be the next Heir, but this beauty has apparently developed the family affinity for Computers, even though she is Brave like her father, though she prefers to stay Indoors. It's easier to work on being a Prolific Writer indoors.
Her twin sister Elizabeth does not share her sister's dislike of the outdoors. While also loving Computers, her intellectual prowess is reported to be at Genius level, and she frequently can be heard having Deep Conversations with her parents.

The other residents of Sunset Valley tend to respect the privacy of the affluent English clan, but they have been heard to wonder, "Who will be the next Heir?"


AeronwyDiobhell said...

I like the new writing style. :-) (Although I'll miss your Sims back-talking you. *giggles*)

Huh, I didn't realize all 3 kids could play together! How'd you do that? Can you buy extra controllers or something or just keep inviting people to play?

Congratulations on the promotions! *cheers*

Good gracious, 105? Laurel just refuses to pass on, doesn't she? *grins* What does blasting objects with a ray gun do?

Happy birthday, Danny! And hey, that outfit isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. There's a whole heck of a lot worse out there!

Happy birthday, Deanna! Other than the frown, she's pretty cute! And happy birthday, Elizabeth! So sorry to see you got your mom's chin. :-(

Anjel76 said...

My goodness ... that gal has a very strong jawline. She looks like she wouldn't take any guff from anyone! Danny is really quite handsome. :O)

And don't worry about your writing style. My writing style changes frequently in my simming blogs. This blog is no less entertaining than the others you have shared. :O)

ruby said...

105? Just die already! LOL sorry. that was mean. o.O okay so I'm not sorry... they will need the room for the next generation.
Ya what Aer said.. what the frell is she shooting the furniture for?
You'll find this way of writing can be more fulfilling, yet not as easy as fun banter with your simmies.

Brian said...

@Aero: Up to four people can play video games at once.

Blasting objects with a ray gun is a perk Mad Scientists get - Perform Experiment On - the effects seem to be semi-random.

For instance, the toilet now gives a two hour Tranquil moodlet, and the couch "Has it's aesthetic appeal increased".

Yes, I'm sorry to say, not only did Elizabeth get her mom's chin in spades, she also got REALLY puffy cheeks. May the SimWorld forgive me, but I was actively searching for hairstyles that would hide her cheeks.

As for the writing style this was only a test... except more back talk from my Sims in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

yupppers - that Danny turned out just fine - and never you mind his fashion sense, brown jeans & a baseball jacket is nothing to sneer at.
I used to have one just like that...

lol - those poor girls didn't luck out quite so well, huh? Deanna is pretty enough, in a kind of snooty way. And Elizabeth's feature just need the right accesories - like green skin & a black pointy hat. mabbee some flying monkeys...
XDD sorry - I'm sure she'll grow into that chin.
*tries to nod reassuringly*